Our Alters

SGCA Chisholmtrail Brianna of SpiritCat OD
Green Eyes Brown Torbie and White 
Passed - 10/18/2016
RW SGCA Chisholmtrail Aries of SpiritCat 
Green Eyes Red Mackerel Tabby
Passed - 11/30/2015
SGC SpiritCat Calypso
Green Eyes Black and White 
Sire:  Judges Choice Scamper
Dam: Chisholmtrail Brianna of SpiritCat
Passed - 9/17/2018
RW SGCA SpiritCat Mystic Blu
Green Eyed Blue Mackerel Tabby
Sire:  Cowgirl Dallas of SpiritCat
Dam: Chisholmtrail Brianna of SpiritCat
SGCA SpiritCat Loki
Green Eyes Red Mackerel Tabby 
Sire:  SpiritCat Double Stuffed Oreo
Dam: SpiritCat Tortuga Trinket
CH Hillstblues Ramses of SpiritCat 
Gold Eyes Fawn Ticked Tabby
Passed - July 7th 2016
RW SGCA SpiritCat Charmed
Green Eyes Ruddy Ticked Tabby
Sire:  Vivid V'lane of SpiritCat
Dam: SpiritCat Desiree
Passed - 1/17/2018

SpiritCat Cassanova


Blue Eyed Cream Point 

Retired Breeder