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Welcome To SpiritCat Cornish Rex!!

We are so glad you have taken the time to stop by and see us, take a look around, check us out on Facebook, leave a comment, see our different pages, and contact us if your interested in possibly adding a Cornie to your home!! 

RW SGC Chisholmtrail Aries of SpiritCat
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No Available Kittens!!

We Are Not Accepting Deposits!!


Kittens Are Coming 

Breedings are Being Done!!!

-NO Deposits Being Accepted at this Time -

Current Deposit Waiting List - 11 Families


The SpiritCat Team

Sandy Giangiordano 

Founder & Breeder

Cheryl Chambers

Breeder & Nursery Manager

Cat Nanny Transport 

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Darrell Chambers  

Breeder & Office Manager